Choosing To Be Childfree

This is my decision alone.

For many women there’s that dream of getting married, the house with a white picket fence and raising a family from a very early age.

Unfortunately it’s never been mine.

I do feel very guilty because many men and women who yearn for a family are unable to fulfil their dreams whereas I am fortunate to have the opportunity to have children and choose not to.

I have known for a long time that I didn’t want children. I’d be a great Mum though, however, I’ve never foreseen motherhood in my future.

A career is what I’ve chosen.

Do I believe that a career will fulfil every aspect of my life? It definitely won’t. Will I regret not having my own children? I possibly will, however, I can’t be 100% committed to that answer.

When that time comes then we’ll know.

My friends and family aren’t supportive of my decision which was expected. They often ask why, but I never have a proper explanation for them besides “because I don’t want kids” and it usually never ends well.

This decision wasn’t an easy one to make.

Who knows where I’ll be. In the next year I could change my mind about being a parent. In 5 years I might meet a partner whom I plan to have a family with and have that happily ever after. In 10 years I could be 45 years old and still without children.

Life changes when it wants to so can my circumstances, but until then everything is speculation.


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