Kmart Baby Clothes Haul

Ever since baby girl arrived 5 months Mum and I spend hours browsing online for clothes.

We agreed that our next haul would be for summer as New Zealand is heading into the season and it also means she’ll be just a little older.

Kmart had a good choice of baby clothes, but we chose three sets which we absolutely love.

White & Pink Rompers

Mum and I have wanted to get her a pair of rompers for awhile. I can imagine her chunky little legs in them. It would be so cute to see!

They are made of cotton, breathable – which you need especially with a baby, a lot of room to move and as she still is wearing a nappy it can also cover it well.

These two came as a set for $6.

Short Winged Sleeve White Top with Turquoise, Pink & Purple Pattern and Purple Tights

Casual and cute or dressed up. I’d like to pair this with a cardigan, white bonnet or a matching headband. Also made out of cotton.

This set was for $8.

Baby girl would look very grown up in this outfit!

Matching Purple Dress & Romper Set with Unicorns

So, this outfit is my absolute favourite.

I can totally see her crawling around in it or chillin’ in the sun.

We bought this outfit for $8.

All these outfits are for 12-18 month olds. However I reckon she’ll be able to fit each one by January at least.

I really am excited about seeing her in all of them, but most importantly, be able to buy her more clothes!


Salvation Army Baby Clothes Haul

Oh my goodness I have been waiting to buy my baby niece some clothes since before she was born. Now she’s 5 months old my Mum and I have splurged a little the op shop way!

I understand the excitement of buying brand new clothes, but if you take the time to look you’ll find some pretty gems like we have op shopping.

Woollen Peach Cardigan with White Stripes

Firstly, someone made this beautiful cardigan at home. It’s rough around the edges and some parts aren’t done well, but that’s what Mum and I love about this cardigan.

It is absolutely soft and fits a 3-6 month old. She just fits it, however, she wears the cardigan unbuttoned. We pair this peachy beauty with a fully body onesie and a matching peach hair bowtie.

Only $2.

Blue Oversized Shirt with Rompers

Mum and I have wanted to get her a romper set for awhile now and as we are heading into warmer months this will be ideal to wear.

Made of cotton, it is very light. This set was $3.

Pink Pants with White Stripes

Perfect for the colder months paired with stockings or tights for extra warmth.

For this on it’s own would have been $2, but we bought this with three other clothing items for $5.

Turquoise Pants with White Unicorns

Originally priced for $2, we bought this as a part of the 4 for $5 bundle. Good for the colder months!

This pants definitely came with a top. I would have loved to bought it as a set!

Grey Skivvy

This would be great for now as Spring is a little cold, but of course perfect for Autumn and Winter too.

I saw this priced at $3.

Yellow & White Onesie

Cotton with a print of a small Bird and frog on the front.

This is suitable to be worn anytime. We actually put it on her last weekend to keep her warm along with an extra pair of pants, plain t-shirt and a jacket.

Only $3.

As I mentioned earlier, we were fortunate to have bought 4 items for $5 saving $5.

When it comes to the last two items, Mum and I always knew that we wanted some really nice booties and blanket.

We found a lot of booties and blankets, but weren’t keen on any of them until now.

The white booties are definitely cute and fit her with ease. They cost $2.

Her light green and white stripe knitted blanket is large and very warm. She is at that age now where her blanket goes everywhere. We bought this for $4.

We are both stoked about what we bought and look forward to buying a few more items from our favourite op shops for her!

Eczema Relief by The Nude Alchemist

Contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-oxidant and anti-fungal properties.

About a week ago I decided to purchase and try a product from The Nude Alchemist . This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to try any of their products, but I am very excited to try the Eczema Relief.

My brother and I are long-time eczema sufferers. We have and still continue to use prescribed creams to help with the eczema, but often we feel that it never really does anything.

Eczema Relief are available in 50g and 100g.

My brother is skeptical based on personal experience using prescribed ointments, creams, lotions and substitutes to help manage his eczema.

I understand his scepticism because, I too, have used all those products then some only to be disappointed. My disappointment often turns into concern because I worry that nothing will ever work.

I’ve been using Eczema Relief for the past week. My brother is still skeptical, but open to the possibility that this could be a really good product.

First off it smells delicious. I think that’s the shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. Very exotic.

The actual product is firm, but I’m guessing that’s the butter, oil and beeswax.

What I’ve been doing before each application is using two clean fingers to massage the buttery-waxy goodness first.

This generates warmth that softens it which makes everything so much easier.

It’s not at all thick, greasy or oily and most products often are.

I only had to use just a small amount each time as the saying goes… “a little goes a long way”.

After each application, I’ve found a huge improvement with the redness surrounding each affected area and I have always been self conscious about that.

The skin is smooth and feels very “new” again.

Most importantly I’m not scratching like a crazy woman! The itch hasn’t entirely disappeared yet, but very manageable now.

I have really enjoyed using Eczema Relief and will continue to use it. If you or someone else suffer with eczema then try this.

Check The Nude Alchemist Instagram here or visit their website here for further details regarding this product and costs.

Gold Bar Necklace by Eden Zoe

Next month marks the two year anniversary of my Dad’s passing and, if I’m real honest, it feels like we lost him yesterday.

This year I felt the need to do something in memory of my Dad, but also for my Mum.

For months I had to work on her. She isn’t the most easiest person to buy something for. Multiple times I would show her this necklace in hopes that she’d like it. I would ask questions too.

Finally a fortnight ago I purchased this necklace online by doing part payments using Laybuy.

Retail price is $82 with the additional delivery fee of $6. Per week for the next 6 weeks I’ll be paying a little under $15 which is super affordable.

Eden Zoe is an online jewellery store based here in New Zealand and this is where I purchased the necklace from.

Both the chain and gold bar are dainty and should be handled with care. The necklace is 14k gold. Trust me it had to be gold or else my Mum wouldn’t have liked it!

The best thing is I had the option of having something stamped onto the gold bar. So, we went for Steven Leslie. There was no additional fee for this.

In terms of delivery, it took 3 business days before I received my package, however, Eden Zoe advises you on their website and at the time of purchase that delivery may take up to 10 days. I think it’s about the production that may require a little more time.

Buying online at Eden Zoe was easy and stress free.

Using Laybuy is the best thing ever.

FYI – most importantly she liked it!

When Friends Get Hitched But You Don’t Want To

All my friends are either hitched or planning to.

I’m that single-ish girlfriend who rarely dates, is absolutely fussy and gives no f*cks. I can also be the most faithful and loyal lover anyone is fortunate to have, but finds it hard to keep the guy.

Whilst all my friends are playing happy families and planning weddings I’m not, but that’s okay.

I’ve known since my early teens that marriage would never be the path I’d take. My parents defacto relationship have always been a huge influence on my decision to never get married and my thought process on marriage.

They were together for 34 years until Dad passed away in 2016. Their commitment and love for one another outweighed a piece of paper. I really don’t think there was a specific reason behind my parents not getting married at all.

For most part I truly believe that they were both happy and comfortable in their own relationship to have chosen not to get married. This is one of the reasons why I feel like I don’t need something that shows I am completely invested in my commitment and love for a person, but I could easily compensate for this in another aspect of the relationship I’m in. Who knows!

What my parents have shown me is that marriage isn’t always an option for couples and that a relationship can successfully last for a very long time. Hence my decision, but despite this, I am absolutely without a doubt very supportive of family and friends who are married or plan to get married in the future.

FYI – sometimes I do have crazy feelings because I have this overwhelming FOMO!